Adobe has just revealed a new “Photoshop for audio” software!

Adobe, which is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, being best known for creating Photoshop, the image editing software has just recently announced a brand new project, entitled VoCo. This one is similar to the aforementioned Photoshop, only that it will allow you to work on an audio file, giving you the chance to include words and phrases that the original file never featured.

It all starts out with the appearance of a text box, where the user will get to add new words and move them around, or completely delete existent fragments. The VoCo was presented at Adobe MAX conference where developer Zeyu Jin did a live demonstration, adding in his presentation that if you want this project to work properly, about 20 minutes worth of a person’s speech will be needed. Many people who’ve heard about VoCo are pretty terrified with what it might be used for (falsify statements and more). What are your thoughts on this?


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