1. You and MC Creed have a little bit of a history together, can you talk about that?

I did a remix for MC Creed over a year ago called Rave. The original was by Spencer Tarring and got released on Vous Records. When I first heard the stems of Rave, I absolutely loved it! MC Creed is one of the original MC’s in the UK garage scene, and his voice is absolutely mind blowing. I still think today that Rave is one of the most iconic Power House tracks I’ve done so far.

2. What was the initial inspiration to work together again on “Assassins”?

When I was in Tokyo visiting some weird gardens, I was brainstorming about vocal ideas and somehow I couldn’t get the thought out of my head, that the best track for MC Creed would be a song called Assassins- just for the sake of the video game. He was 100% up for the idea, so we got started on it immediately, and now with the movie coming out, couldn’t have timed it any better.

3. So you built the track around the name, “Assassins”?

Yeah, I built the whole track around that idea. I did my mock-up and came up with a really back stabbing bassline, that fit the vibe perfectly, since the theme of the track is all about assassinations. Its really evil and properly punches you. The other special thing I did was actually looking through the sound libraries of the official video game. I found some cool sound collections that I layered throughout the song.

The most obvious part is the bells coming in at the breakdown. Its kind of a middle ages clock tower kind of thing. When the track breaks down completely, I keep a lot of tension by introducing a heartbeat, they used that in the game whenever you would enter some kind of Stealth Mode.Then there are whispers,eagle sounds, and sometimes even daggers crossing, which were all sounds taken from the original game, giving the track a lot of character.

4. Would you say that this is one of the most fun tracks that you’ve produced?

Up to the point where I produce it, yes. Then came the part with the vocal, no. That was a pain in the ass. MCCreed has an amazing voice, like even when you just Skype with him, it blows your mind. You would have to smoke for more than 100 years to have that kind of voice I think! Its so cool.

Getting the vocals done the right way was quite a difficult task though. The first recording session we had was either too many spoken words where it didn’t push the tempo enough or way too fast where he was proper showing off his MC skills. Those tempos are really cool for performing live,but for a track that is supposed to play ina club or radio its simply too difficult to understand. We had a second recording session that went way better, but I didnt like the lyrical route we were taking at that point it was more themed towards revolutions in a modern age . Although that might have actually worked now with Trump and the Brexit and everything, its way too political and serious for music.

I was looking for some inspiration on a website called Deviant Art, to find some original Middle Ages assassination rhymes. They’re well known for artworks and drawings, but they also have some poetry and I discovered some really fitting concepts. It was the third recording session where we then nailed down pretty much everything. We got the rhythm right and just started writing on it. Creed recorded two or three additional parts that weren’t even planned originally. The entire process took close to five months, but it was definitely worth it and I would do it again. The track turned out amazingly and I think the theme is brilliant.

5. Can you tell us about the movie trailer that goes with the track?

I didn’t know when we originally started this project that there was going to be a movie, and I’m really excited about it. First of all, I really want to see it! Secondly, the trailer looks fantastic. Its also great additional promotion for us. My track, Suicide Squad, which was released a few months ago, got picked up big time with half a million plays on SoundCloud, simply because people are searching for that a lot.

For this one,we got in touch with Ubisoft after we saw that they had the movie coming out. We showed them the track and they used it in their official trailer! [Laughs] Just kidding, it’s a fan cut! It uses footage from the first two trailers they released, and has been edited to get it on the beat and give it the right atmosphere. I’m very happy to see it associated with the track though, and for it to have been picked up so well. I think it speaks a lot for the production, that we were able to capture the vibe so well!

I highly recommend everyone to check out the movie once it’s out in December and obviously to stream and download Assassins!

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Author: Andrei Alice

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