1. How did “Ignition”originate?

Essentially the idea was to create an amazing progressive house rave banger. I wanted it to be super up lifting and super progressive in a way where it just explodes. I was targeting what I think is the perfect vibe for peak time Power House and this is the representati on of it. I think it turned out amazing and I will definitely do more in this direction very soon.

2. Can you talk a little about the production process you went through for “Ignition”?

I found some sick samples to use for“Ignition.” Nothing too complicated so I could fully focus on the driving, really up front beat. It absolutely explodes on the drop–combining tech house with an old school proper progressive house vibe.

3. “Ignition” must go down in the club then?!

From the first time I tried it, it worked. It’s an absolute monster. I’m really looking forward to my next chance to play it out in a live set this coming weekend at the opening of a new club here in Bali called Opium. We are actually going to have a Power House party every two weeks here, specifically branded to us. During the opening, we will show case our sound and“Ignition” is the best representation of the Power House sound that I can think of.

4. How does it feel for “Ignition” to be picked up by Kryder and Sosumi?

It feels good since it was the first track of my third phase of Power House productions. It’s cool because“Ignition” kind of means to start something, so that fits quite well. And of all the tracks of phase three that I’ve been working on so far, this was the first one I sent to someone. I sent it to Kryder directly. And he absolutely loved it and picked it up for the 12 Days Of Sosumi which is great.

Kryder and Sosumi stand for exactly what this track is bringing groove back into the main room. It’s not the tribalish type that you may be used to on Sosumi, but Sosumi is constantly exploring new sounds and is a great outlet. They share my thoughts and mentality about how music should be presented now a days they give it all away for free and they are really close to their fans. It’s simply a great label and it’s a perfect fit for this track. Kryder’s already played it a few times in Kryteria and it was already supported by David Guetta, so I’m excited to see who else picks it up after the release.

5. Will you be featuring any special visuals or a music video for “Ignition”?

We are working on a music video that will go in the direction of my “Sylenth” video which involves psychedelic, crazy footage cut fast together to give it a trippy feel. It’s quite cool and I love that style. We’ve done it two or three times now, also with“Rose”and the “Star69” remix. It’s obviously kind of unofficial, using stock footage, but I think it will be a cool visual for the track. There’s just a really driving vibe in the track so without the need of a story, the video still looks great.

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Author: Andrei Alice

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