Audified announces availability of one-click processing plug-in for vocals and spoken word!

Audified is proud to announce availability of TNT Voice Executor — a unique utilitarian plug-in offering no-nonsense processing of vocal and spoken word tracks to sophisticatedly solve any issues instantaneously. By their very nature, human voices are complex mechanisms; marvellously, we can recognise individuals from their vocalisations — be that spoken word or otherwise. Obviously we all sound different, so it stands to reason, therefore, that when recording and broadcasting vocals or spoken word we need to treat them differently by appropriately applying effects to suit individual voices to get them sounding perfect. Problem is, though, that takes time and effort.

Unlike most mix engineers, however, as a software programmer he had the talent to do something about it. Well, wouldn’t you do something similar if what you wanted didn’t commercially exist? Enter TNT Voice Executor, a unique utilitarian plug-in named after that studio, offering no-nonsense processing of vocal and spoken word tracks to sophisticatedly solve any issues instantaneously.

Put simply: getting a great sound with TNT Voice Executor couldn’t be simpler. Simply select a preset then use the three knobs to set the INPUT and OUTPUT volumes (using the I/O meters), tweak the DRIVE (effect) amount, and you’re good to go! Gathered into four groups, each preset contains several variants for both male and female voices. The right-side of the plug-in’s crystal-clear GUI (Graphical User Interface) simply shows which effects are engaged and how much gain is being reduced.

Really, it’s as simple as that. No other controls are available (apart from some advanced calibration settings ‘hidden’ in the service menu). Might you need TNT Voice Executor, then? The answer to that quick question is simple: if you’ve got a microphone and record vocals and/ or spoken word then you’ll find it invaluable. Applications include editing audio books, v-log posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, advertisement voiceovers, television trailers, newscasts… the list goes on. Put it this way: wherever the human voice sounds, TNT Voice Executor makes it sound better in next to no time with a no-nonsense approach to processing par excellence.

TNT Voice Executor is available to purchase from here and is available to download directly from here.

Author: Andrei Alice

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