Audified announces availability of serious saturation plug-in based on U73b compressor circuitry!

Audified is proud to announce availability of U78 Saturator, saturation effects plug-in par excellence, utilising meticulous models of the amazing-sounding analogue circuitry central to the U73b, the treasured Sixties-vintage German broadcast compressor/limiter that found favour in European mastering circles well into the Eighties and beyond, but supplementing the tube saturation circuitry with high-pass and lowpass filters and a unique tone filter for some seriously satisfying saturation. Despite having recently rebooted its award-winning U73b Compressor as a new and improved emulation of the unique-sounding Sixties vintage German broadcast compressor/limiter hardware with which it shares its name and takes its inspirational sound.

Understandably, U78 Saturator’s gorgeous GUI (Graphical User Interface) implementation is superficially similar to that of its recently released U73b Compressor sibling. Predictably, perhaps, the two plug-ins even share some more mission critical features. For example, the power and calibration module is identical when taken at face value with an On/Off switch (to toggle between processing and bypassed states) and a -9dB default Calib. U78 Saturator is available to download directly from here.

Continuing onwards and (literally) upwards, just like the U73b Compressor reboot before it, U78 Saturator’s gorgeous GUI implementation includes a display area that is as easy on the eye as it is easy to use with selectable display colour. More meaningfully, U78 Saturator sees Audified keeping the heart and soul of the machine to deliver a beautifully musical tube sound. Satisfaction guaranteed, the result is a saturator that sounds like no other. U78 Saturator is available to purchase here. 

Author: Andrei Alice

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