DANGER return to the spotlight with the announcement of a full studio album entitled ‘太鼓’ and a short mixtape of album highlights!

DANGER has over the years outgrown his mere artist credentials and evolved into a global phenomenon, with one foot in the world of music and the other in computer graphics and gaming. Now DANGER is set to return to the spotlight with the announcement of a full studio album entitled 太鼓’ (meaning percussion in Japanese), complete with the artwork, and a short mixtape of album highlights.

Having maintained an anonymous stage presence since the beginning of his career and with his identity still unknown to most, DANGER has used this dark and illusive self-imagery to add to the cinematic nature of his music. The mixtape is a six-minute introductory teaser of the dark and brooding sounds that he’s become famous for, and which his album is set to bring to the fore.

Coupled with the mixtape comes the album artwork, which has been designed entirely by DANGER himself. Showcasing a childlike figure holding a shadowy object surrounded by boxes and a street lamp, the artwork once again plays into DANGER’s on-going eerie theme that runs through his imagery and music.

Having just come off Madeon and Porter Robinson’s Shelter Live tour of North America, and now with this album announcement and mixtape, DANGER is building serious momentum towards his full album release later this year. Stay up to date with all new announcements via his socials.

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Author: Andrei Alice

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