EC Twins reveal details about their career, their latest release and upcoming projects! [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]!

Marc and Allister Blackham, also known as the EC Twins, born and raised in the musically historic city of Manchester, England, began their career in the House Music scene in Edinburgh, Scotland at age 16. The Twins have been credited as 2 of the most influential figures in EDM with their own label TWIN TURBO helping to develop new artists and evolve new sounds in the world of EDM. 

This is all just the beginning of what is sure to be a long lasting career of trend setting original music and high profile remixes from this talented duo. If you want to find out more about them, check out our interview below!

  1. Hello, guys. How have you been lately?

We’ve been great, thanks for asking, though Marc just crashed our Maserati, so we’ve had a few better days. 

2. Over the last few years, you’ve become quite the successful DJs/producers. How has the journey been for you up until this point?

It’s been long and fun. Our career has improved so steadily and incrementally that we’ve hardly even noticed. It’s not until we look back that we see how far we’ve come. Things are really starting to heat up for us, as producers, now though.

3. Congratulations on your recently inked deal with Sony Music. How did you feel when you first find out about this?

Thanks for that. Honestly, we think the predominant emotion was relief. We’d just done a pretty intense stint in the studio and walked out with, what we believed to be, some of the best stuff we’ve ever made and some of the best stuff we’d heard from anyone in quite a while. We’d taken a few risks artistically, so we still had the pressure of wondering which labels had the artistic vision to understand it all. It’s not surprising that the first people to reach out were Scandinavians. They’ve always had the edge over the rest of us, in terms of pushing unique styles first.

4. Also, you’ve just released a new single „Revolution”. What was the inspiration behind this tune and how long have you been working on it?

We don’t mean to politicize things (it’s important to remember that we are British and can’t participate in the American voting process anyway) but REVOLUTION came about during the American Primary elections. We’d been to a couple of Bernie Sanders rallies and each time there were tens of thousands of people, of all colors, shapes and sizes, that seemed to be united against injustice and prepared to fight for all these great, very positive agendas. It seemed to touch on a global shift that’s happening right now and regardless of which side of the political aisle you stand, we think everyone agrees that there are a few changes that need to be made.

It’s easier for us to get our points across in a song, rather than confusing everyone with Social Media posts and jokes, so that’s what we tried to do. We always aim to get the backbone of a track done in one day. That means we aim to walk out of that studio knowing exactly where the song needs to go within one, often intense, 24 hour day. Sometimes the track can be finished within a day, but it often takes a second day to tweak transitions etc. The power of “Revolution” lies in the lyrical content. In terms of the music, we tried to add an uplifting melody so that the song leaves the listener feeling optimistic, in spite of a fairly deep subject matter. 

5. When you are not performing or making a new track, what kind of music do you prefer to listen to and who are some of your favorite artists?

Of course House Music is one of the loves of our life, so lot’s of that. Other than House Music, we listen to a lot of classic soul music, SADE, LUTHER VANDROSS etc. In electronic music, we really love the ‘retro wave” movement. We’ve been listening to a lot of “retro wave” and trying to find ways to implement these incredible sounds, that all the retro synthesizers produce, in to our own songs. The sounds retro synthesizers create, matched with all the latest software creates such a fresh vibe. We prefer the term “Future Wave” because there’s only a touch of nostalgia left in these sounds, once they’re processed. It’s like comparing the best elements of the past, with the most exciting elements of the future. We are always searching for what’s next and pulling inspiration from the best bits of what has been. You can hear a lot of that in our up coming productions.

6. What is the biggest goal you guys have in your musical careers?

We want it all. Hits, Grammys, Soundtracks, Huge Live Shows, songs that outlive us. Every time we achieve a goal, another, bigger goal immediately appears. We will clearly never be satisfied.

7. With 2016 being almost over, can you guys tell us what was one of the happiest moments for you this year?

This year has been about raising our game as producers. During the recent electronic music boom there were so many powerful managers and agents rushing to cash in on the explosion in the States, that it was really difficult for us to have our own artistic voices heard. We are very lucky to have a passionate and loyal fan base that supports us. Now things have calmed down a little, the scene has become a “meritocracy” again, meaning that the quality of the work is more important than all the hype, or connections. That’s been great for us, because people have been forced to search for new and unique takes in terms of where Electronic Music is going.

We’ve always taken the responsibility of providing the next sound, rather than the current sound. It was tough for all producers to do that for many years, since the labels wanted very specific things from everyone. Obviously signing to SONY will be a landmark of 2016, but as producers we drew blood with a remix of a song called “Keep You In Mind” that we made a few months previous. So many critics and industry insiders responded positively to that track, because it was such a fresh approach to the Electronic Music sound. It’s a real “producers track” in that everyone who makes music will enjoy the track for the technique and sounds. The song came out on an independent label, so as of yet it’s a very underground success, but overwhelmingly the industry experts reached out to pat us on the back for that one. That was a nice moment for us.

8. What’s coming next for you? Anything exciting that you’d like to share with us?

There’s a lot of new music to come, it will be up to SONY which track they want to release next. For EC Twins, you’ll see a huge elevation in our brand, from logos and imagery, to live performance. We will concentrate more on sharing our production process with the fans and perhaps adding live elements to our shows when and where we can. We’ve often avoided that kind of thing, because there’s nothing more boring to an average Joe, than a social media story dedicated to pictures of wires, patching in synthesizers and ableton sessions, but we feel it’s the right time to express ourselves and demonstrate some of our less publicized talents. Also we will be looking to build on our touring on a global scale, rather than predominantly North America. That is a very exciting prospect to us.

9. We have one final question for you. If you could eat one thing and one thing only for the rest of your lives, what would that be?

Indian Food! It’s the national dish in the UK, in much the same way as Mexican food is to Californians.

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