EDM Nations Promotion Services

Your music will be heard by more than 300.000 EDM lovers from all our Social Platforms + the visitors that are coming here to read about Hardwell, Calvin Harris, festival news or maybe studio equipment. It’s enough to try our services once to be convinced about our promotion power. 

Just imagine, 25.000 site visitors/month plus our fans from our fast growing social platforms will hear your music. And the best part is that if we don’t think your track is good enough, you will receive a full refund, so you don’t have anything to lose! 


Starting September 1st, your submission will be published and promoted for FREE also on EDM Selector‘s website and it’s social platforms (including SoundCloud), for offer 2 ONLY!

If you want to promote your music with us, we can provide professional reviews posted on our website and of course our Social Platforms support. Our website is visited by at least 20.000 (and rising) EDM lovers every month. So a good spot on the main page will assure you a good chance that your track will be listened and appreciated. From our experience, the best way to promote your music is with support from blogs and websites. Because your track will stay there for months and it can be heard even after you totally forget about it. We will make sure to promote your track on our social platforms on the peak hours, this way it will be more effective.

EDM Nations in numbers:

Website: 30.000 visitors

Facebook Page: 135.100 fans

Facebook Group: 22.800 members

Twitter: 41.000 followers

Instagram: 23.500 fans

Google Plus: 4.160 fans

SoundCloud EDM Nations (main channel): 31.770 followers

SoundCloud partners (EDM Nations 2, EDM Nations 3, EDM Nations 4, EDM Nations 5, EDM Nations 6): 25.600 followers


Starting April 1st, we will have only 1 promotional offer available. We combined our previous perks from offer 1 and offer 2 into a more cheaper and attractive offer. 


1. Offer 1 – 55 $ (We will post your track on peak hours on Facebook Page, Twitter, Facebook Group and Google Plus, plus FREE REPOST ON SOUNDCLOUD, from EDM Nations main channel, EDM Selector and other partner channels) – Exposure to 550.000 EDM Fans

– we will write a review for your track and we will post it on Genres, Reviews and Free Download/Remixes;

– FREE SOUNDCLOUD REPOST on peak hour. (Main Channel + partners)

NEWSLETTER emails send to more than 30.000 EDM Lovers every 2 weeks.

– SPOTLIGHTED for a month on our SoundCloud (main channel) in the MUST HEAR TRACKS  playlist. 

– Your track will be promoted on Ensis Sessions weekly podcast and broadcasted LIVE on Ensis Records’ Facebook page (45k fans) , if it will be selected by Ensis Records’ A&R.

 If your track is released also on Spotify, we will add it to our main playlist. We are heavily promoting it, in order to increase its followers, so your track will have a lot of heat and exposure. It will stay in the playlist for 2 months. 

The MUST HEAR TRACKS SoundCloud playlist with your track will be sent as a direct auto message to every new Twitter follower that follows our account. That means around 300-400/week. 

– MUST HEAR TRACKS playlist from SoundCloud (with your track) it will be spotlighted for 1 week on our Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Twitter.  




Because we have REAL and devoted fans, not bots just to impress you, we can actually deliver you REAL exposure, plays and fans. This is WHY we don’t accept any kind of submissions. If we like your work we will proceed with the promotion of your track. If we don’t like what we hear, you will receive a full refund, so you don’t have anything much to lose, isn’t it?



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