Flume talks about fame, his new album and working with Vic Mensa & Beck in this latest interview!

Flume is definitely one of the best in the dance music industry and he had a great year so far. He released his highly successful album “Skin”, which was followed by a world tour and just last month, he also dropped a great EP, called “Skin Companion”. Recently, the Australian producer did an interview with the Chicago Tribune, where he talked about many interesting topics.

The music producer speaks about his new album at first, saying that he was pretty relieved when he saw how successful this production became. He goes on to talk about his collaborators for “Skin”, more specifically about Vic Mensa and Beck. He unveils how he met with Vic Mensa, saying that after he “hit him up”, they both got in the studio and started playing their ideas to one another and after a while “Lose It” came to be.

Later on, he reveals how he got to work with Beck, stating that his manager was the one who actually got him to go to Beck’s house and that is where the two spent some time in the studio, working on ideas for new tracks. If you want to check out the full interview, you can go here.

Author: Andrei Alice

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