Future Magic talks about beginnings, music influences and upcoming releases in our Exclusive Interview!

The Canadian producer Stefan Edwards aka Future Magic started out by playing guitar and singing in a variety of rock bands. His influences were groups like Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, Blink-182, Green Day, Dashboard Confessional, The Used, Jimmy Eat World.

He got into electronic music in 2011 when he returned to Canada after living in Japan for nearly 4 years, being introduced to the genre by a good friend at a Wolfgang Gartner show. Until now he delivered tracks like “Yeah” and “Love You Better” with many known labels, but that is just the beginning. Check out our interview with him to find out more about his life and his projects in the near future!

  1. Hello, Stefan. How have you been lately?

I’ve been great – super busy, but that’s how I like it.  It’s almost winter here in Canada which means way less daylight and freezing cold temperatures, or in producer lingo: more reasons to stay in the studio.

2. First of all, give us a few more details about your musical background. How did your passion for electronic music start?

I grew up playing guitar and singing in a variety of rock bands. I don’t have any formal music training aside from 2 years of trumpet in highschool and some singing lessons. Everything else I know is all self taught (I picked up drums a few years back and by far they are my favorite instrument to play). I got into electronic music in 2011, when I returned to Canada after living in Japan for nearly 4 years (and during which I fronted a Japanese rock band).

My introduction to electronic music was fairly random – a good friend of mine invited me out to a Wolfgang Gartner show and well, that was pretty much it. From there I started looking into all the different genres and sub-genres, eventually finding my way to dubstep. Coming from a post-hardcore/pop-punk rock background, dubstep resonated with me immediately, and still does.

3. Also, for those that have yet to hear it, can you describe your own style of music?

Rock-inspired, anthemic, melody-driven bass music.

4. When you first started out, who were your musical influences? Are these artists still an influence for you now?

When I first started playing in bands my influences were groups like Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, Blink-182, Green Day, Dashboard Confessional, The Used, Jimmy Eat World…that whole so-cal emo/pop-punk scene. I love melody, but I also love music with a raw, aggressive edge to it, a combination that all these bands I listened to growing up seemed to understand very well.

These groups are still definitely a big influence for me – I often joke that with friends that Future Magic is really just me trying to make the electronic music version of Taking Back Sunday’s “Makedamnsure” (or at least, capture how that track made me feel when I first heard it – still haven’t accomplished that). If you haven’t heard that song I highly recommend it, especially if you want a bit of insight into where I’m coming from with my music.

5. What is one of the biggest goals you have in your musical career?

To do it full-time for the rest of my life, and pay the bills while doing so.

 6. If you were forced to only listen to one band/DJ/musician for the rest of your life, who would you pick, and why?

Oh wow, that is an insanely difficult question. I honestly don’t know. At this point I think I’ll have to go with Seven Lions. I forsee him making magnificent music for many years to come.

7. What is one thing you wished you would have known when you started producing music?


 8. So far, what are five of your favorite tracks of 2016?

Cymba feat. Deverano – “Hush” (Original Mix)
Seven Lions & Echoes – “Cold Skin” (Original Mix)
Gallant – “Weight In Gold” (Louis Vivet Remix)
Illenium feat. Nina Sung – “Only One” (Original Mix)
Seven Lions feat. Lights – “Falling Away” (Said The Sky Remix)

9. When you aren’t working on new tunes, what do you like to do to relax?

 Rock Climb/bouldering; read and learn something new (I’m a pretty big nerd); binge on netflix.

 10. What should we expect from you in the following months? Do you have anything exciting prepared that you’d like to share with us?

 I have a new song with Kye Munroe called “Getaway” coming out in January on Export Elite that I’m incredibly excited for, along with another collaboration with E-VO, a track called “Here”, featuring my good friend and local Toronto hip hop artist Ellevan – out on Drop The Bassline, also sometime in Jan. Other than that I’m just going to keep making music and staying as creative as I can.

 11. Thank you for answering our questions!

 Thank you for asking them!

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Author: Andrei Alice

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