Harrison talks about the change in his sound, about his future projects and more! [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Born and raised in the UK, Harrison has accomplished a lot within the music industry by the age of 23. Many will recognize Harrison as a singer and others as a DJ, but his uniqueness lies in the great combination of the two, a “hybrid” artist unlike any other in his scene. When mentioning the top DJs there was no time to waste, Harrison went straight to collaborating with the number one DJ in the world at that time, Hardwell.

He’s continued to work with only the top-tier artists of the dance world, grabbing a guest spot on Steve Aoki’s latest album release ‘Neon Future II’ beckoned , before also taking up a feature on Laidback Luke’s first solo album in over 13 years. With so many incredible opportunities already lining up in succession for Harrison make sure to keep your eyes on him. To find out more details about his new sound, his future projects and more, take a look at our exclusive interview below!

1. Hello, Harrison. Where does EDM Nations find you today?

Hey guys, well currently in London but got back from a two-week Asian tour a few weeks back. Off to Switzerland soon for some business and to enjoy some time off before my next tour starts again in the new year.

2.What have you been up to since the last time we spoke?

Oh loads haha, its been a year and a half now since we last spoke, I have had a number of new releases, including tracks with Vinai, Kill The Buzz, and Juicy M. I have also been touring like mad, especially growing in Asia, for example, I’ve visited Japan three times this year alone already, Taiwan, China to name a few, and toured Europe in places like Croatia, Malta, The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Czech Republic, Spain. The list goes on! I have also started my own radio show called “Outlaw Radio” that has 6 episodes already so if you haven’t checked that out yet, be sure to find it on my website, Facebook page or Instagram.

3. We found out that you’ve decided to make a change in the direction of your sound. Can you give us more details about that?

Yes, so “EDM” is changing in some countries and other genres are taking over the scene, so I have moved with the flow of the industry, making tracks that are range from similar to Chainsmoker’s style but also towards house tracks. This does not mean I wont still perform my EDM tracks because they are so fun live and work well in my set, I’m just looking forward.

4. What have been some of the obstacles you’ve encountered while trying to make this change?

With the change its tough to get my tracks signed to labels because they are not aware of the change or struggle to accept my change, but its not been overly problematic.

5. You’ve also launched your very own radio show a couple of months ago. Tell us more about this project of yours!

Yes, lately this is what I have been focusing on and trying to get up and going. So Outlaw is my own label “Outlaw records” and that’s where its being developed from. It’s a good place to be able to play some of my favourite tracks every 2 weeks and create a mix for them. I play 2-3 exclusive tracks of my own as well so its still got a Harrison twist to it.

6. I suppose you set yourself goals and targets, just like anyone does. What is the most important one for you at the moment?

My main goal is to get my tracks signed as Harrison, not as a feature artist and not as an “and” but rather just my own tracks.

7. Do you have anything else you’d like to share with our readers? Anything that you’re really excited about?

I’m just excited about touring new places to meet all my fans across the world, its very special to have so many people support you from all over so I’m just looking forward to meeting you all!

8. We have one final question for you. Seeing that 2016 is almost over, what was one of the happiest moments for you this year?

Travelling Asia, each trip is so magical and especially this year travelling to Myanmar. The temple which I visited was indescribable I cannot even explain it to you, but it was very magical and special to have had the opportunity to visit it.

9. Thank you for your time and any lasting thoughts?

Thank you for your time! You can follow me on my social media and see what I get up to!

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Author: Andrei Alice

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