Here are 6 great Christmas Gifts for DJs, that you can get yourself or someone else this holiday season!

It’s that time of year – time to be merry and party like its 1999. Also, it’s a time for giving and receiving. Specifically, some new DJ gear, right? If you didn’t get what you were after on Black Friday, not to worry, there’s still loads of bargains and Christmas present ideas for the musically-sound. So, here’s a run-down of some of the coolest tech you get yourself or someone else, this Christmas.

IRig Mix- Android & IoS DJ Mixer- £99

IK Multimedia are smashing it at the mo and their new range of DJ-on-the-go kit is awesome. The life of a DJ is rarely one that allows for a lot of time to sit down. Ever in the hunt for the next set, this convenient gadget enables them to piece together their masterpieces whilst on the move. Capable of charging itself via a standard laptop, the mixer itself includes slots for headphones, a microphone, and pair of stereo inputs. Functionality and artistry at their finest.

The DJ Mouse (approx. £55)

How come gamers get all the great PC hardware? With the DJ Mouse by DJ Tech, musicians now have access to awesome point-and-click peripherals too. Designed with music-makers in mind, the DJ Mouse can perform all the regular functions of a normal PC mouse, but with the added feature of a jog wheel, DJ’s can now mix, fade, scratch & rewind songs directly from the PC (Selecta!). Check out the review on

Stop Smoking – Start Vaping (Kit- approx. £30)

Smoking is a part of the nightlife scene for many, but it need not be. Make the move this January over to vaping. It’s endorsed by many medical professionals including the NHS and can help you beat the smoking habit for good. There’s loads of cool eliquid flavours to pick from including menthols, deserts, coffees, fruits and many bizarre original flavors like “Neon Green Slushie” and “Dirty Diesel”. You can pick up good quality starter kits from £25 from brands like Aspire and Kangertech, plus you’ll save a fortune over cigs too.

Bobby Owsinski’s ‘Social Media Promotion for Musicians’- £19.99

Thanks to the Internet, being scouted by a record label has never been easier. But it’s all about the numbers these days as your popularity is public information in the form of likes and followers! So cultivating a fan base is not only easier – it’s essential and highly competitive as thousands of aspiring stars now compete for attention online. As a veteran music producer, Owsinski has a unique insight into what the best techniques are to build a following. Could this be the key to superstardom?

Vinyl Record Coasters (£9.99 by Menkind)

This pack of 6 vinyl record coasters are an ideal home, office or studio for any DJ or music fan. Measuring 4” in diameter, each vinyl coaster is made from 100% food safe plastic making each one the perfect placemat for a cuppa.


LiveMus!c HearSafe Ear Protectors- £25

Whether you’re up on stage, raving up front or up in the rafters, live music is always noisy. If you know someone who’s often found in front of a pumping speaker, then these earplugs are vital for their long-term audial health. Utilized by acts across the world, never worry about hearing loss again with these protectors in place.

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