Impact Soundworks scales up VENTUS ETHNIC WINDS series with world’s most deeply sampled bansuri!

Impact Soundworks is proud to announce availability of VENTUS ETHNIC WINDS – BANSURI — the third entry into its VENTUS ETHNIC WINDS series of solo ethnic woodwinds instruments, this time giving a divine instrument that plays an essential role in North Indian and Hindustani classical music a virtual instrument makeover as the world’s most deeply sampled bansuri for Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONTAKT platform.

Returning to the wonderful VENTUS ETHNIC WINDS world, this series is designed to take adventurous users on a global journey, capturing the tones of pleasingly performed solo instruments outside of the Western repertoire. Running alongside that goal is an admirable intention to allow anyone to create authentic performances without the technology involved getting in the way.

Clearly, composers are in for a treat. The VENTUS ETHNIC WINDS series — including, of course, VENTUS ETHNIC WINDS – BANSURI — brings a new way of triggering unique, authentic performances without manually sequencing keyswitches and CC data to the virtual instrument table. These so-called ornaments can be played back at random, ignoring normal articulation mapping. When the onscreen ORNAMENTS knob is set above MIN (0%), ornaments will begin randomly playing back each time a sustain note is triggered (or released) and by clicking the Record button this ornament playback will be recorded into memory. More meaningfully, if this knob is set to 25, for instance, then there is a 25% chance that an ornament will be played on attack or release.

Controls for tweaking and editing controls are available in abundance, then. VENTUS ETHNIC WINDS – BANSURI even comes complete with a bonus tambura and sitar drones patch taken from Impact Soundworks’ SITAR NATION library to help its users create magnificent multi- instrumental textures that can be made to sound out of this world, thanks to the onboard effects rack featuring (an analogue-modelled parametric) EQ, COMPRESSOR, DELAY (line), and (convolution) REVERB. Wherever a composer chooses to take it, rest assured that VENTUS ETHNIC WINDS – BANSURI sounds simply divine with inspiration made musically simple!

ENTUS ETHNIC WINDS – BANSURI can be purchased and digitally downloaded from here.

For more in-depth information about VENTUS ETHNIC WINDS – BANSURI go here.

Author: Andrei Alice

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