It’s official! Streaming has become the no.1 choice for Americans when it comes to listening to music!

It’s official! Streaming has now become the number one choice for many Americans when it comes to listening to music. It has been unveiled in a recent study that in the past year, over 251 billion tracks were streamed in the US, which is approximately 38% of the country’s music consumption market. That means that the number is up 76% since previous years and this one also marks the first time in history when streaming has surpassed digital sales.

Apparently the two genres that have been a huge part in the growth of streaming are hip hop and R&B. These two combined make up 22% of all the streams, with the top artist of the year being Drake, that has raked in 5.4 billion streams. In the study, it was also revealed that vinyl has had one of its biggest years since 1991, with 13 million sales.

Source: Complex

Author: Andrei Alice

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