JEDI is back with a successful musical experiment called “Glad I Found You”!

LA based producer JEDI is back with another fresh tune and we were kinda wondering what he is doing lately. His most recent release is called “Glad I Found You” and sounds at least to say, interesting. Why? Because JEDI had the brilliant idea to offer us an unforgettable journey from Moombahton, to future bass and hard trap.

Yes, you read that correctly. Even if this is quite a pretty hard thing to do, especially on a track, JEDI managed to walk us from 70 to 112 BPM through the whole song. And everything is very good connected, making, as it should be actually, a great flow and energy from 3 different genres! You might call it an interesting experiment, but I will call it a succesfull experiment. Because for not even one second did I have the impression that I hear different songs or something similar as a bad mashup. Well done SIR, you nailed it!

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Author: Chris John

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  1. JEDI says:

    Thanks for an awesome write up Chris! =)

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