Logic Pro X 10.3 is here and it brings a lot of new and cool features!

Logic Pro X has just been updated to a brand new version, Logic Pro X 10.3 and with this new update, it brings a bunch of brand new features. For example, it has a Track Alternatives function, that will give users the chance to experiment with different edits, while being able to safely step back. Another great feature is the Selection-based Processing one, which can be used to apply plugin effects processing to any selected audio region, or to multiple regions.

Other improvements include mixer enhancements, seeing as there is now a new high precision summing engine, as well as 256 busses available. Also, there is stereo panning, that gives you the opportunity to set dual pan locations, and then tilt the entire spread left or right. Below you can see a few of the new features, as well as some photos.

  • Updated interface, better legibility, expanded color palette.

  • Support for the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro.
  • Track Alternatives, that let you create and switch between different playlists of regions and edits on a track.

  • Selection Based Processing: render any combination of effect plug-ins to a selection of audio.
  • True stereo panning provides more control and discrete manipulation of stereo signals.

  • Logic Pro X now offers a 64-bit summing engine.
  • A list of up to five of the most recently used plug-ins now appears at the top of the plug-in menu.
  • Use 192 additional buses.



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