Martin Garrix lashes out at SoundCloud for removing different tracks from his account!

Martin Garrix is not happy with SoundCloud. Just a day ago, the music producer revealed on Twitter that the streaming platform has taken down some of his own tracks from his SoundCloud account, with this being the third time it actually happens. In the past, it happened with “Don’t Look Down” and “WIEE” and now, SoundCloud removed Martin’s collabs with Matisse & Sadko “Break Through The Silence” and “Lions In The Wild” with Third Party, as well as two versions of his tracks “Poison” and “Bouncybob”.

SoundCloud responded to Martin’s tweet, saying that they were “looking into it” and as of now, it looks like the tracks are back on his SC account. Let’s hope that the Dutch DJ won’t have to deal with this issue once again in the future.


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