Martin Garrix talks about his creative process, his inspirations and more in this new interview!

2016 has definitely been a great year for Martin Garrix. The young music producer has released some outstanding tunes, has earned the title of no.1 DJ in the world and has delivered some incredible performances, but these are just to name a few. Recently, Martin did an interview with ‘Radio and Music’ where he talked about various topics, going from his future in the industry, his inspirations, creative process and more.

At first, the young DJ reveals that his creative process is “different all the time”, as he gets inspired by various things. During the interview, he also states that his mentor is none other than Tiësto, because he’s learned many things from the Dutch DJ. He also talks about his favorite show in India, about being nervous when he gets on stage and he also takes the time to disclose which is his favorite collaboration right now.

If you are curious to find out, make sure to check out the full interview here!

Source: Radio and Music


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