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Now we can provide a top quality mastering and mix down for your tracks. We have a special price for you, based on your needs and budget. We will proceed with your order in 48 hours for mastering and 4 days for mix down + mastering.
IF you liked what you heard, check out our price list below and submit your order:


1. Mastering 1 track – 30 $ (IF we like your track, we will make an article on our website for FREE)

2. Mastering 2 tracks – 55 $

We can achieve a far more superior result if you follow some simple rules and visibly check your audio files before you send them to us.

Please try to ensure that the following rules are met were possible:

Naked Files – All files for mixing and mastering need to be a naked export with full dynamic range. If the files we receive are already processed in some way then we are limited in what we can then do to the track.
Leave Headroom – Leave a minimum of -3db headroom in the track. -3db headroom is the minimum that we recommend although anything up to -6db gives our mastering engineer greater scope to work with.
No Post Processing – When exporting audio your engineer should leave the master channel clear. Ensure all Compressors, Limiters, Exciters, Spatial FX, Maximizers, Normalizers or any other post processing units are disabled on the final bounce / export of the audio as these are some of the processes our mastering engineer will use.

In order to visibly check the WAV forms of your audio files we recommend using a professional application such as Sony’s Sound Forge or Steinberg’s WavLab. This can also be done in most
DAW’s using the Audio Editor. There is however many other applications that will get you the same results including open source audio editor Audacity that is available for free download.

The image below is a good example of an acceptable file for mastering. The audio does not hit 0db  leaving plenty of space for mastering.

unmastered tune

These are two of our most recently mastered tracks, to have an idea about our work:



Be sure that before you send us  your track, it has no compressions, equalizing, stereo enhacement on it and it’s exported at -6DB as wav only. Make an archive and send it to using an uploading website ( ; ; etc). If you are interested , send us an email at .






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