MOTi delivers one final bomb for 2016 with ‘Livin’ 4 Ya’!

What a year it’s been for MOTi, 2016 has really seen him put his mark on the global stage. He’s not done yet though, with one more feisty dance floor bomb for us in the shape of Livin’ 4 Ya, with vocalist Katt Niall gracing the track with her glorious voice. Niall’s vocal recalls classic indie dance, drenched in reverb to give it an atmospheric edge and utilized solely in the breakdowns to give them their own triumphant feel before the carnage ensues with the drop.

Detuned 8-bit style synths add another layer of euphoria before the snare rolls pummel us towards the drop, where the groove is amped up with more gritty layers of powerful synths, piano chords pitch-shifting and effected vocal snippets doing battle with spacious FX. MOTi’s production quality really is second to none, with the awesome power of the track jumping out the speakers like a stick of dynamite.

Grab your own copy here.

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Author: Andrei Alice

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