Rob Papen dives deeper into inspiration with all-encompassing eXplorer4 software bundle!

Rob Papen Soundware is proud to announce availability of eXplorer4taking the fourth incarnation of its all-encompassing eXplorer software package to even deeper depths of musical inspiration by combining all of its award-winning virtual synths and acclaimed effects plug-ins, including its simultaneously-released latest product, Predator2, a natural-born, killer-sounding soft synth reboot, into an attractively-priced production and sound design dream bundle.

Xplorer4 features 15 Rob Papen products, namely, Blade, quite literally a cutting-edge soft synth; the breathtaking BLUE-II, the self-styled ‘Crossfusion Synthesis’ soft synth (since it covers so much musical ground so effectively); Predator2, the all-new, go-to soft synth to die for and the latest addition to this latest eXplorer incarnation (while its Predator predecessor remains part of the bundle, together with the PredatorFX filter, modulation, vocoder, and effects plug-in). Punch, a speaker-busting, body-rattling virtual drum synth. eXplorer4 can be purchased from here.

For more in-depth information about eXplorer4 go here.

Author: Andrei Alice

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