Rob Papen puts more musical bite into soft synth world with welcomed Predator2 reboot!

Predator, the natural-born, killer-sounding soft synth that has inspired so many composers and artists, adding musical bite to countless tracks, thanks to its cutting-edge features and world-renowned sound designer (and namesake company founder) Rob Papen’s preset-programming prowess .  As an award-winning product, Predator has been making its musical mark as a meaty mainstay of Rob Papen’s lengthening lineup of world-class soft synths since its introduction back in 2009. That’s a long time in the furiously fast, ever-widening world of music technology, testament to the popular product’s proven strengths, surely? Take a good thing and make it better best describes Predator2, then.

Indeed, in the first instance, Predator2’s pliable GUI (Graphical User Interface) has once again been given the trademark Rob Papen treatment, designed so that (almost) all of the main controls are always visible onscreen, making it both inspirational and intuitive in use. Ultimately, though, time and patience can be an issue for some users, so this time Rob Papen has helpfully included an EASY PAGE to cater to those not needing simultaneous access to so many controls. Predator2 are much more than simply skin deep, digging deeper still, it is packed to the teeth with powerful new features to die for.

Predator2 can be purchased from here.

For more information about Predator2 go here.

Author: Andrei Alice

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