Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf reveal their career-defining moments and talk about upcoming releases and their new album! [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf are 24-year old DJ/producer prodigies, gaining notoriety in the big city of Las Vegas for doing their part to push the EDM movement beyond its limits. These boys have been living and breathing the electronic dance music scene before mainstream music had a clue what it was. Shelco Garcia began his music career as a drummer, originally from Pasadena, California

Teenwolf (Bryan Orellana) is a Vegas native, who also got an early start in the world of music and production. They have both settled in nicely to the electrified feel of Las Vegas, involving themselves in the downtown club scene movement as well as bigger shows on the strip. With everything in line, they want you to be able to leave a show saying ‘I partied with Shelco Garcia and Teenwolf and survived!’. We’ve recently had the chance to talk to the guys, so if you want to know more about them, their future releases, etc., check out our interview below!

  1. Hello, guys. How have you been lately?

Hi we’ve been good! Working extremely hard on new music every day!

2. Over the last few years, you’ve become quite the successful DJs/producers. How has the journey been for you up until this point?

We feel absolutely blessed to be able to call this our “Job” it’s been a slow steady rise which is how we like it… We don’t ever want to lose the hunger for more success.

3. Until now, what would you guys consider to be your career-defining moments?

SG: I think for me it was getting to go to a store and pick up a CD with something I produced on it.
TW: Yeah i def. agree with that, and I think “That’s My Jam” going viral on Facebook seeing it reach 90 million views on Facebook.

4. You’re soon going to release a brand new track on Mixmash Records, „Sky High”. What was the inspiration behind this tune?

Ok so the initial sketch had this crazy 80’s & 90’s r&b vibe which was what we sent out to LeeLee Haxhi… I don’t know if she has a direct line to our heads but she perfectly interpreted that vibe into words… When we received the vocal we knew we had to take the song to the next level.. so for the next year we made so many versions before we got to this amazing final product

5. What does this track say about your evolution as artists?

We don’t know… We just love making music and we love connecting with people through our songs.

6. Also, we’ve heard that you have an album coming up early next year. What should your fans expect from your new production?

We feel that we’ve taking a bit of departure from the harder dancefloor tracks this past year so we want to start 2017 off with a bang! The EP will have a bit of everything for everyone… we want to help blur the lines of genre’s and make some people dance!

7. When you aren’t in the studio or playing shows, what do you like to do to relax?

SG: I like spending time with my lady, going to the gym, and skateboarding of course!
TW: I’m still a music fan at heart I love going to see my friends DJ and studying their techniques and I love to hear all kinds of music being played

8. With 2016 being almost over, can you tell us what has been the happiest moment for you in the past year?

SG: My favorite moment had to be Luke’s Birthday Party in Amsterdam! We got to do a back to back DJ set with him and we had our boy Hawkboy MCing it really felt like “these vegas boys made it” haha
TW: My moment this year was playing San Diego at Bassmnt we got to share the bill with one of my favorite people on the planet Juyen Sebulba and of course the bossman himself Laidback Luke! We even got together before the show and made a track called “Rompe”!

9. Also, New year’s Eve is fast approaching. What do you have planned for the night?

We’re not hugely touring DJ’s yet… so for the past 4 or so years we take over a venue in downtown Las Vegas called vanguard and play with all our friends while drinking responsibly ;] haha

10. Thank you for your time!

No thank you!!

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Author: Andrei Alice

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