Simon Cowell’s DJ competition gets a NO from Yahoo!

Back in January, it was announced that Simon Cowell was going to take his “American Idol” format into the EDM world and create a DJing competition in partnership with Yahoo, that was going to be called “Ultimate DJ”. After hearing these news, a lot of renowned DJs have put in their two cents, with some being against this new format and with some agreeing to it. Tiesto and Fatboy Slim were the ones that did not think this was a good idea at all and when they were approached to do it, they did not take the offer. However, the Nervo sisters were totally on board and said that they were looking forward to the contest.

“He said anyway we would like to be involved (in the show) we can be. I’ve never watched a reality TV judges show, but they said you could judge or mentor but we haven’t decided. He’s a marketing genius and wants to get involved in this scene. It’s all about the DJ talent and the music and submitting tunes.”

But now, it looks like Yahoo has different plans and has completely canceled the production of this show. Although, we are still expecting Simon to take this project elsewhere and to not rest until it gets a slot on TV. Only time will tell what is going to happen!

[H/T: The Verge]

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