Styline talks about the finale of Phase II of his Power House Movement and his latest release “Live Out Loud” in this new interview!

1. The vocal really stands out with “Live Out Loud”. How did you get hooked up with Angelika Vee fort his track?

This track goes waaay back. I got introduced to her by Spencer Tarring, who also did a remix of “Live Out Loud”. They had a great track together called Fall Down which came out on Revealed Recordings. Spencer Tarring and I actually used to run Vous Recordings for a bit and while we were running the label these tracks came along.

I really like the vocal in Live Out Loud. The intention was to have a nice, pleasant female vocal, but give it a lot of energy and Angelika Vee carries such a strong message! When I heard the vocal for the first time, I thought that I could literally go in any direction with it, production-wise. It’s a little bit trancey, would fit great on a hard big room or progressive track but also has potential to be featured in a techno or tech house release. Obviously I wanted to give it my own take, which turned out really driving,and gives the higher female vocal a darker base in sound-design and drop.

2. What was it like for you to have “Live Out Loud” premiered on Hardwell On Air?

I sent it over to Hardwell because he signed the Spencer Tarring track with Angelika Vee and he’s a id he loved it and played it on Hardwell On Air. In the end we signed it with Maskade because it’s not really for the Revealed target audience. It’s awesome tha the played it though; It’s probably the biggest premiere that you can have. I got a lot of great feedback for it and a lot of people are anticipating it. I can’t wait to promoitand hear more feedback.

3. How have you been using this track in your sets?

I’ve been using it for quite a while, especially in my festival type sets. It works really well. Female vocals always work, especially if they have a lot of energy like this one. It drops quite hard, soon the right occasion, it will smash the house down. The big thing here is that the second break down is quite long, about two minutes. I wanted to keep the energy through out. It’s focused on the drums and the instrumental while still driving the vocal forward with little elements interspersed with in the track to keep it interesting. There’s a lot of thought behind some of the nuances, like when Angelika sings sunshine, we bring in back the percussion to emphasise that moment. But we also have a bad ass bassline that really drops hard. All in all, it’s probably one of the most complete products in terms of tracks that I’ve done, which is why I have been holding on to it for a while. And now it will be the grand finale for Phase II of the Power House Movement so I can fully focus on the production of Phase 3!

4. Where did the idea come from for the music video for this track?

Theres quite a few YouTube channels of good looking people now a days, that are being sponsored to travel and place a product with in their videos. I saw a few of
these videos from Alexander Tikhomirov, a Russian film maker who’s doing some awesome stuff with other well known YouTubers. He did a video in Bali, where I currently live, and so I was able to relate to a lot of the places. We asked if we could use some of his footage in addition to our footage to put together a “Live Out Loud” video related to Bali. It has a lot of energy because the guys are doing crazy things like jumping off of cliffs and jumping 3 meters in the air with jet skies. It was the perfect fit for this kind of track, giving it the right mood in every aspect.

5. Can you talk about Spencer Tarring’s remix and what you like about it?

Spencer Tarrings Remix goes into a really driving Tom Staar/Kryder kind of big room groove direction. Especially in the second break down, he placed the vocal a little bit offset, which gives it a quite up beat and fresh groove compared to the original taking it up more progressive fashion. Angelika Vees vocalis so great, you could go in so many directions with it, which is why Im thinking of doing remix competition for “Live Out Loud” ! The vocalis too good not to see what other creative minds can come up with.

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Author: Andrei Alice

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