UK vinyl sales in 2016 hit the highest number since 1991!

According to a recent analysis published by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) UK vinyl sales have reached the highest number since 1991, having sold 3.2 million units in 2016. This number is up 53% from 2015 and it shows that many music fans have started to become more and more captivated by the sounds of a record player. However, the number is significantly low in comparison with the 45 billion music streams recorded in 2016, but in the end it’s still considered to be a huge achievement for vinyl, who many thought was nearing its end.

“Fans are listening to music in so many ways now – we’ve definitely entered a multi-channel era. Millennials, who’ve grown up digital, are increasingly choosing to experience both current and heritage artists on vinyl also. Meanwhile older baby-boomers are embracing streaming alongside their record collections.” – CEO of Regent Street and Gold Bar Records, Vanessa Higgins

News about the increase of vinyl sales first surfaced back in December, when it was revealed that sales of vinyl reached £2.4 million while digital downloads only reached £2.1 million.

Source: Mashable


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