University Of Miami student passes away after attending Ultra Music Festival!

Ultra Music Festival 2016 is officially over. This year, we’ve witnessed some incredible sets from Hardwell, Deadmau5, Martin Garrix and who can forget about the return of Pendulum? But, just like with every event, not everything went smoothly. Unfortunately, it has been reported that an attendee, that was a student at the University of Miami, has passed away after attending the festival on Friday night. Adam C. Levine’s cause of death is still unknown, but authorities are still investigating this happening. Below you can see what Ray Martinez, Ultra Music Festival’s Chief of Security had to say about this situation:

“It is our understanding that Adam Levine, one of our patrons, was here on Friday night. … We can tell you that our security personnel noticed he was having difficulties and immediately called Miami Fire Rescue to get him medical attention. Unfortunately he passed away at the hospital.”

University Of Miami also issued a statement about Adam’s passing, that you can see here.

Source: Sun Sentinel; Cover photo: Miami Herald


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