[VIDEO] Watch DJ Snake eat some incredibly hot wings as he talks about his music, soccer, his DJ name and more!

DJ Snake is the latest to be featured on the “Hot Ones” YouTube series with Sean Evans. Basically, in the show, Evans interviews artists as they both eat some incredibly hot wings. We’ve seen Martin Garrix take on the challenge a while back and now, it’s the French producer’s turn. During the interview, DJ Snake discusses about how some of his biggest hits came to be, how he has a soccer ball on his rider, but he also spoke about the friendships he has with Taylor Swift, DJ Khalid and Conor McGregor and about the fact that he hates his name DJ Snake.

We’re not going to give everything away, if you’re curious to know more, you just have to check out the video below! All we have to say is that DJ Snake handled those hot wings like a champ, even though they were a hassle!


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