[WATCH] Deadmau5 shares more details about his “Lots of shows in a row” tour and his Cube 2.1 stage in this new video!

With Deadmau5’s “lots of shows in a row” tour fast approaching, our anticipation levels keep getting bigger and bigger. This one is going to be the music producer’s first tour in five years and is set to be one to remember. Those that will be attending the shows are definitely in for a treat, especially due to Joel’s Cube 2.1 stage, that will be unveiled during this journey.

Over the past weeks, we’ve been given behind the scenes looks at this stage design through some videos unveiled by deadmau5 and TAIT and now, we’ve received another one, in which the producer talks about what fans should be expecting from his newest tour. You can check it out below!

Author: Andrei Alice

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