Watch Madonna spanks Diplo in a very controversial dance scene

The Pop Queen, Madonna just started her ,,Rebel Heart” Tour in Montreal and one of her major guests on the scene was Diplo. I can’t quite figure it out what the head of Mad Decent was doing there, but from the video below he was a part of let’s say it at least, controversial dance scene with Madonna. Basically Madge drags Diplo on stage, forces her dancers to bend him over, and proceeds to spank the superstar while hollering into the mic:

“You’ve been a bad boy, take it like a man. Punishment, punishment.”

Even funnier, one of the dancers makes some strange  hip thrusts in the direction of Diplo’s head during the affair. On top of that, Diplo receives at end a banana from Madonna, as prize. I will stop commenting about this strange appearance, but i will let you form your own opinion. Watch the video below and comment your thoughts about this…



Author: Alex Cristian

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