Why the Orlando shooting should only make us stronger! [EDITORIAL]

I am sure that by now you all know about the horrific massacre that happened in Orlando, Florida. However, if you are not familiar with what happened let me give you a short run down of the events. This past Saturday, an armed man, who has now been identified as 29-year-old security guard Omar Mateen from Ft. Pierce, Florida made his appearance at the Pulse Nightclub, where a few people from the LGBTQ community gathered to have a great time and more, to raise awareness for their rights! The security guard was carrying a hand-rifle, an assault rifle plus other things when he entered the club and soon after, he started shooting.

Following this attack, 50 people died and other 53 were injured, being one of the deadliest massacres that ever happened in the US history. Many people started questioning why someone would do something like that and apparently, as Omar’s dad said, this happened because his son saw two men making out, thing that got him really angry. Honestly, this is something that still blows my mind when I hear it, because I think that we live in a time and place when we should just be more acceptant of the people around us and not judge them based on the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their religion, taste in music or other things.

I am still very shocked about everything that happened, because I still can’t believe that some people who were just going out and having fun are no longer among us. Is this actually what we’ve come to? I thought that parties, gatherings, music events or whatever, were just places where we could get together, enjoy some good music, be in great company and just dance our hearts out. Now, even that’s been taken away from us, because from now on some of us will still live in fear of going out, cause you never know what could happen. However, from where I stand, this tragic event should only make us even stronger and even more united, because we need to show that no matter what happens, we are going to stay together and fight for what we believe in!

Even President Obama said in a statement yesterday that this was definitely an „act of terrorism and an act of hate” and no matter who was attacked, this is going to affect us all in the long run, because we have to stay united in every situation and show that we really care when such tragic things happen. Until now, many countries have shown their solidarity by displaying the LGBTQ flag and I think that that is incredibly amazing! All of us need to show our support and help out with whatever we can!

Our thoughts and prayers go with the families of the victims!


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