XILS-lab lovingly ‘reincarnates’ the synthesizer they should have invented 40 years ago as PolyKB III!

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: audio software company XILS-lab is proud to announce availability of PolyKB III, the third software ‘reincarnation’ of the ultra-rare RSF Polykobol II.
Simply speaking, PolyKB III is the most powerful and versatile analogue-modelled polyphonic soft synth available. As such, it faithfully captures the sound and spirit of the ultra-rare RSF Polykobol II, including its most revolutionary feature: aliasing-free, continuously morphing VCOs (Voltage-Controlled Oscillators).

PolyKB III is no slouch when it comes to modulation, thanks to WIRED MOD., a macro modulation matrix with over 35 ‘hardwired’ options between various MONOMOD (LFO1, [NOISE]) and POLYMOD (ADSR2, VCO2) sources and destinations — WHEEL, VCO, VCF (Voltage-Controlled Filter), ATTK (Attack), DEC (Decay), and much more besides… simply click a (virtual) button to establish a connection between different modules, then adjust amounts using the (virtual) knobs.

Surely that’s more than enough for most modulation maniacs to be getting on with? Well, with PolyKB III there’s more. Much more, in fact. Firstly, there’s the VOICE XY pad, a per-voice modulator that affects each note played to sound different from previous and subsequent notes. Notably, voices are represented by movable red balls positioned within a square screen; there the vertical and horizontal position of each ball can modulate two different parameters, each with a dedicated amount knob to choose between tons of targets.

Perfectly complementing this flashy feature set, EFFECT accesses analogue-modelled vintage CHORUS and PHASER effects alongside an analogue-type DELAY and dual EQ lending a strong character to PolyKB III’s already unique-sounding sound. DELAY TIME, PHASER RATE, and CHORUS RATE can also be used as USER MOD. destinations to create Solina String Ensemble-style processing or other stranger effects.  What goes around comes around and today XILS-lab’s PolyKB III is all set to give its competitors — virtual and analogue alike — a serious run for their money…without weight issues and at an affordable price for any serious synthesist! Looks like XILS-lab has lovingly ‘reincarnated’ the synthesizer that RSF should have invented 40 years ago, after all! PolyKB III is available to purchase here and can be directly downloaded from here.

For more in-depth information about PolyKB III go here .

Author: Andrei Alice

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